formjs enhancements and calculator demo

I recently (as in yesterday on the plane) finished some final enhancements to the field event linking framework of formjs. I also created a calculator demo which mimics exactly the demo that Stephan Richter wrote with z3c.form except that all calculations are done on the client side using Javascript. The other important news is that I have now moved the code out of my sandbox and into the root directory under z3c.formjs and z3c.formjsdemo.

The following is an example of how fields have JavaScript events attached to them. This is taken directly from the doctests which you can read here: jsevent.txt and jsbutton.txt.

  >>> class IPerson(zope.interface.Interface):
  ...     name = zope.schema.TextLine(
  ...         title=u'Name',
  ...         required=True)
  ...     gender = zope.schema.Choice(
  ...         title=u'Gender',
  ...         values=('male', 'female'),
  ...         required=False)
  ...     age = zope.schema.Int(
  ...         title=u'Age',
  ...         description=u"The person's age.",
  ...         min=0,
  ...         default=20,
  ...         required=False)

  >>> class PersonEditForm(form.AddForm):
  ...     fields = field.Fields(IPerson)
  ...     @jsevent.handler(fields['age'])
  ...     def ageClickEvent(self, id):
  ...         return 'alert("The Age was Clicked!");'
  ...     @jsevent.handler(fields['gender'], event=jsevent.CHANGE)
  ...     def genderChangeEvent(self, id):
  ...         return 'alert("The Gender was Changed!");'

In a page template file you might write the following to render the form and all the event attachment javascript:

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