JavaScript Pig Latin Translator

One of the first projects we were given in my high school computer science class with Jeff Elkner was to write a command-line English to Pig Latin translator in python.  I used this as an excuse to learn GUI development and ended up writing a version with TKinter (python’s Tcl/Tk binding).  I wish I still had the code for that lying around somewhere so I could put up a screen shot.  Needless to say, it was the most hideous GUI application you’d ever seen with tricked out fonts and garish colors.

Over the last eight years I’ve advanced a little in my programming technique.  As my first foray into what I hope is a series of mini web applications I decided to reimplement the Pig Latin Translator in JavaScript.  Here are a few features:

  • A classic console-inspired look and feel
  • Translation to and from Pig Latin
  • Automatic detection of the input language
  • A help screen for the technologically disinclined

Be sure to try it out at Below is a screen shot (always for posterity’s sake).

Pig Latin Translator

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